Alicia and Tyler went above and beyond to help my husband with his custody case. We can’t even begin to put into words how truly thankful we are for Alicia and Tyler! Family law is never easy to say the least! However we can promise you that you will not be disappointed when you choose the Key Law Office. We highly recommend them to everyone, and guarantee you will NOT be disappointed.

- K.H.

Without hesitation I would recommend Alicia Key and Tyler Key in any family law proceedings. As the former Director of Child Support Division for the Office of the Attorney General of Texas and an Associate Judge; Alicia brings a wealth of knowledge and clarity to the law that is unsurpassed by any attorney I know. Tyler’s presence and command of a courtroom is a welcome force in an otherwise intimidating setting that you may find yourself involved in. Together, they are a formidable team that I have absolute faith in handling any part of a family law case.

- K.K.

The attorneys at the Key Law Office get results. I was rear-ended by a careless driver and injured as a result, and my car, that was 100% paid for, was totaled. The other driver’s insurance company told me they would pay “what they determined to be appropriate.” Needless to say, what they deemed appropriate didn’t even cover my out of pocket expenses.  The attorneys at the Key Law Office understand how insurance companies work and refused to let me be taken advantage of. They know the law, and work hard to advocate for their clients, and got a great settlement for my injuries and my vehicle.  I highly recommend the Key Law Firm to anyone who needs an honest, reliable, and top-notch attorney on their side.

- N.G.

The attorneys at the Key Law office exceeded my expectation in every way in their handling of my divorce. Having never gone through a divorce before, I feared it might drag on for months and drain me of energy and funds. Happily, this was not the case. Thanks to the skill, efficiency and high level of professionalism I received from Alicia and Tyler, everything went smoothly. They were able to manage with ease a complicated case involving child custody and division of multiple properties and assets. Everyone I met at the Key Law Office was friendly, patient and kind and I am eternally grateful to them for all they did to make this experience as easy as it could reasonably be. I will be recommending them to everyone I know.

- P.T.