Tony H.
As a father fighting for custody of a child, I went in with low expectations. The entire staff was so supportive and very kind. Sarah Botros represented me in court her bite was bigger than her bark. I'm convinced that there's not a single firm that could've pulled off the miracle that Key Law did and get custody of my daughter. Really long story short, you do not want to be sitting on the other side of the table from Key Law. Your best shot of winning your case is to have them on your side. Although Sarah represented me, I was able to talk to Alicia, Tyler and most of the office staff. There's a reason they hire who they do. Every single member of that office treated me as a human being and not a case. I could type out a novel but the more time you sit here reading the reviews the less time your spending on the phone setting up the most important appointment of your life.
Vincent A.
Alicia and her team are an EFFECTIVE and EXPERIENCED team. Alicia understands the system, she understand perception and most importantly how to effectively communicate and represent the most critical areas of any case. I was blessed to have had Alicia as my attorney and would recommend her to my closest family and friends. It has been 4 years since we went to court but not a year goes by where I do not personally feel extreme gratitude and gratefulness for her assistance. She served our family to best you could possibly imagine and I am confident that any family she gets to serve in the future will feel the same way. If you are reading this, you have found the attorney you want and need.
susie K.
Key Law Office helped me navigate legal matters quickly and efficiently. Their integrity and experience were apparent every step of the process.
Stacey P.
Very friendly, did not make me feel overwhelmed even with the situation I was bringing to them was for me. Always able to contact my lawyer when I needed and with quick responses
T F.
Key Law Office is a great firm to work with. They are very personalized, thorough and get the job done in a timely manner. I plan on working with them in the future and will recommend them to friends and family.
Mari M.
This law office was precise and effective in getting all of my legal documents and affairs in order. Very professional in all aspects.
Hometown Automotive S.
You guys were very helpful and generous towards me in how we handled my case. Tyler, you're awesome man and yall's crew is great! Thank you again so much for what y'all did for me and my son!- Jonathan Espinoza-Hellums
Desiree A.
Sarah Botros was an amazing attorney! Her prompt communication was greatly appreciated. She took every step along with me throughout my divorce. She made the process as easy as possible thru a difficult situation. She was compassionate, thorough, effective and efficient. She would call me personally and always respond quickly to any inquiry I had. Thank you Sarah!
Meagan A.
Top Tier Law Firm! Alicia Key I highly recommend, she is very loyal and has a quick respond! Thank you for all your help and patience in my child custody case. You made a difficult time a lot easier and less stressful, which we greatly appreciate!💖
Ivan F.
Best firm in Hays County by a long shot!
Colby P.
Hands down best experience in a tough situation.Excellent communication, super caring and great listeners!Would highly recommend Tyler and his team.
Paul G.
Divorces are always a difficult time for many people. It has plagued my life for the last 13 years and I’ve gone through several difficult times concerning child support. In the past years, I was summoned to court to amend the child support for my children. Unfortunately, it never worked out in my favor with other lawyers. Then I found out about Key Law Office here in Buda. What a great decision to hire them to represent in me in the court of law. My ex-wife was seeking indefinite child support for one of my son’s that has Down Syndrome. I was represented by Jacob within the firm. He worked diligently for months prior to my trial date. He was very professional and always kept me informed on the work he was doing and also educating me on how the process works within the judicial system. I was very pleased and satisfied with the work from Jacob and the Key Law Office. I’m very grateful of Jacob’s time and effort. I highly recommend Jacob and the Key Law Office to represent you to get the results you desire. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into my case.
Ruby S.
Hands down y'all go with Key Law firm. They are amazing and know what they are doing. I so thankful they have helped me win my case 2 times now. My first 1 Alicia represented me and I was just amazed on how she handled herself in the court ( online back then).. and Sarah represented me yesterday 10/24/2022 with enforcement and man her knowledge on everything was just amazing 😍. And honestly she's a force to be reckoned with.. She made the other lawyer look like she needed to go back to school. Thank you Key Law Office for all your help. I will continue to tell people about your law office and to seriously go with y'all. I absolutely love y'all so much.
Dayna S.
Glad that we have engaged Tyler Key for our case. He is attentive to the details and diligent with the filing.
Sabrina S.
From the minute I walked into the office I was greeted by the receptionist with a smile on her face and a very inviting environment. I had 3 pervious consultations with lawyers before deciding but I immediately already had a good feeling about Sarah Botros. She was very professional from the beginning with a great personality. I felt like I've known her for years, that's how easy she made it to talk to her about my situation. Sarah never rushed me, she listened to everything I had to say. After I told her my situation she knew exactly what to ask for and how to go about everything. She returned every phone call I made and every email I sent out. Sarah's response time was phenomenal and accurate. Sarah is a hard worker and extremely knowledgeable. She is definitely one of those lawyers who actually cares about you and your family. She's not one that just wants your money. In the end I couldn't be happier with my results and got everything I asked for without draining my bank account. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her.Thank you Sarah Botros for everything. Your awesome! Highly recommend!
Mark C.
Great people to work with at Key Law Office. I felt they kept my best interests at heart and did a fantastic job of finalizing my divorce.
Jeff N.
Jacob Dannen at Key Law Office recently represented me in a legal matter. I'm grateful for his skilled efforts on my behalf and his timely communication. He kept me advised on all legal angles of the issue at hand and brought it to resolution to my great satisfaction. Thank you to Jacob and Key Law Office for your professional service when I needed it.
Tom P.
I had an amazing experience with Key Law Office in my divorce. My ex trusted Sarah more than she trusted her own lawyer and that made it go very efficient and smooth!Extremely efficient, accurate, and very responsive to emails and phone calls. I can't imagine any better!