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Key Law offers a full suite of legal services in Austin. If you are facing a legal issue or expect to face one in the near future, contact the Key Law Office in Austin today to schedule a case evaluation. Once we have details of your situation, we can advise you of your best courses of action and let you know how our firm can help.
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iAustin’s Best Family Law and Divorce Attorneys

Whether you need legal assistance in planning for your future or ensuring your past stays firmly behind you, the attorneys at the Key Law Office in Austin can assist you. We understand that everyone has different needs and faces different legal situations, so we take the time to get to know every client to develop individualized legal counsel. Family law situations are rarely simple and easy, but we have the experience, skills, and resources to help our clients reach fair results.

Experience is crucial to effective legal representation, and the attorneys at the Key Law Office in Austin have extensive experience with all types of divorce cases and family law disputes, from adoption and business divorces to child custody arrangements and support negotiations. When you come to our firm for legal representation, you can rest assured our team will leverage the full scope of our experience and resources to help you.

iAustin Divorce Representation

Divorce cases are rarely simple. Depending on the nature of the divorce and what led to it, the legal proceedings surrounding it can turn messy very easily. Emotions run high and tempers might flare, but sound legal counsel can guide anyone through a divorce to reach a favorable result.Our attorneys have experience with all types of divorces, from uncontested divorces between couples with no children to highly contentious divorces that may take months to resolve. In our years of serving the Austin community, we have handled a multitude of very different divorce cases and can draw upon a wealth of experience to assist our clients.

When you choose the Key Law Office in Austin for expert legal representation during your divorce, we will research your situation extensively to strengthen your case. No matter how your divorce came about, it’s never easy to go through the process of officially ending a marriage. You can expect professional and compassionate representation from our team.

iDivorce Mediation in Austin, TX

Many divorcing couples prefer to avoid lengthy courtroom battles and resolve their divorces through mediation instead. This process can lead to a fraction of the time and money spent during a lengthy court battle. The attorneys at the Key Law Office in Austin have extensive experience with divorce mediation. If you and your spouse wish to end your marriage on mutually agreeable terms while avoiding the stress and expense of litigation in court, divorce mediation is probably the best choice for your situation.

iFamily Law Services

Family law covers a wide range of legal issues, including adoption, child custody arrangement, name changes after marriage, domestic abuse cases, and much more. While some of these issues, like adoptions and name changes, can be exciting times for families and help them feel closer together, they can still be challenging when it comes to navigating the legal red tape around them. Other cases such as divorce and child custody negotiation are more stressful, and compassionate and experienced legal representation will go a long way toward reaching speedy and equitable results for those involved.

iChild Custody and Child Support

When a marriage ends, the divorcing spouses are rarely the only people affected. If the divorcing couple has children, those kids will likely feel the effects of their parents’ divorce for the rest of their lives.

While each parent may have different beliefs about how to raise their kids and may have different advantages when it comes to parenting, it is ultimately up to the court to decide on a custody and support arrangement that’s geared toward the best interests of the children. Our legal counsel can help a divorcing parent understand how custody and support will come into play and help our client build a strong case to ensure appropriate custody.

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