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Whether you have a case that you want to pursue in court, or you have been sued, consult with Key Law Office. Our experienced attorneys will evaluate your case, advise you of your range of options, make you aware of important deadlines, and develop a strategy to help you achieve results.

Very often, the best advice is to avoid court when possible. However, sometimes individuals and businesses have no choice but to have their disputes resolved in court by a judge and jury. The U.S. and Texas Constitutions give individuals and businesses the right to petition courts for the resolution of legal disputes. This right is fundamental under our system of justice, and it is vitally important in defining, protecting, and enforcing property rights. Some of the cases included under the umbrella of civil litigation are personal injury and wrongful death, employment and labor law, real estate litigation, defamation and slander, deceptive trade practices, and commercial litigation.

Personal Injury

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